Why Telephone Classes?


Why are Telephone classes so effective?

They are convenient for the student. Just pick up the phone. No need to travel to a school or time wasted to start meetings.

Telephone classes are short (30 minutes), more efficient and sometimes intensive depending on the level of the student or the stage of his/her learning.

These classes are cost effective. This gives the possibility of the student having classes more often and sometimes making a dramatic improvement on his English. Having shorter classes more often is a better way to make progress.

Telephone based English speaking is very good experience for the student, particularly for students in the business world as the need to speak English often arises during conferance calls or over the phone.

Sometimes shyness can be a factor holding back the student and Telephone classes tend to allow the student to relax and concentrate more in class.

Telephone classes allow the student to quickly accumulate hours of speaking English and brings confidence quickly.

Combined with internet access and email, all activities that are possible in a face-to-face class are possible with Telephone classes.

Question - What about video classes and Skype?

I have always found that video classes are not necessary as there is very little information to be gained by looking at the teacher.. In addition the quality of sound can be unreliable on programs such as Skype. Telephone is much better. Normally in class the student is kept busy with class material and conversation, so really, video would be an interferance to prodceedings.