Payments and cancellations


Payments for classes are normally made through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account already you can easily get one on the PayPal website - PayPal allows you to send and receive money securly over the internet. To book many classes (for example 2 classes per week for 2 months, Mondays at 13:30) you may pay by bank transfer if you prefer. In this case please let me know.

Payments should be made for class ideally the day before class for coordination and in order to secure the timeslot. Receipt of payment any time up to midnight before the date of the class is accepted.

Similarly cancellation for classes should also be made by the end of the previous day. To cancel a class you have already paid for please send an email to me not later than midnight of the day before the class  -  On receiving this I will give you a refund through PayPal. Please note that normally for refunding a deducion of 0.5 is necessary to compensat for PayPal charges. Similarly, in the event that I need to cancel class, the resulting refund will add 1 per class.

In the event that you wish to simply reschedule the class to a different time please let me know your proposal and I will try to accommodate you as best I can. But keep in mind that I cannot always provide a reschedule, depending on the timetable situation.

Question - what happens if you do not get any call for class?!..

Don't worry - there will be some good explanation.

First, please check to make sure that the class was properly scheduled and paid for. Did you get the correct time and date? Or was it me who made a mistake?... Of course mistakes have happened but, thankfully, there are not very common.

I am normally punctual and call for class at the correct time. If after 2 or 3 minutes of classtime has elapsed with no contact, feel free to send me an email to query what is happening. If, at classtime, you do not receive my call AND you do not receive any email - then you know something has gone wrong!

The most likely explanation for this is a local Electricity failure(power outage). Fortunately, this has only ever happened once in the past.