Electric Vehicles

    After 100 years of being forgotten and absent from our roads, Electric Cars are about to replace their gasoline counterparts but the change will take time and persistance.

Recently I have started an EV Blog here.


Vectrix electric scooter  

After years of development and struggles to get to market this electric motorcycle is amazing in design. With an all-aluminium structure it is digitally limited to a top speed of 62mph, extremely powerful in acceleration and uses regenerative braking. It it now on sale in Europe and America.                                   



Jack Rickardīs electric car conversions

Based in Missouri Jack is one of thousands of people worldwide who will not wait for the car companies to deliver all-electric models like the Nissan Leaf. Instead he forces the issue by converting his own. With Lithium battery prices now falling there has never been a better time to convert you car or motorbike to electric.


Tazzari Zero from Italy

This cute looking two-seater is quick and can do 88 miles on a single electric charge. Already introduced in Europe for a little over €20,000, it is also comming to the American market soon.                                                                The car has 4 different driving modes to adapt to conditions.