Advice to students


Normally I will call you for class to the land line phone number you have provided. If I cannot reach you I will sent an email immediately to remind you that it is time for class. Classes are 30 minutes long. Usually we need to finish punctually in order for me to prepare for the next class.

So, for example if you book a class for 12:30, the class starts at 12:30 and finishes at 1:00. All times refer to thime in Madrid, please remember this and allow for time difference in your part of the world.

If it is your first class we will normally have a conversation and a short interview to ascertain your level and your interests. Also we can lay some important ground rules for pronunciation. If it is not your first class you will have received by email the feedback form for your previous class. In this case there may be website links or other information on the form about the following class. With regards to preparation, classes are designed to be dynamic - some students do homework or preparation but many do not get time due to being too busy at work etc. If this is the case then don't worry. Just feel free to answer the telephone and have class! The feedback forms should be treated as a souvenir of the class that you can also have for future reference and revision of vocabulary etc.

Question - What happens if my level of English is very low?

From time to time I have had students with a very low level. Provided they participate properly their level tends to improve very quickly, sometimes only after a few chinas of conversation. This is because speaking is the most important for progress, involving comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Speaking is always the acid test for proficiency! Repetition helps the student grow in confidence - you learn by doing! On the telephone, it is the teacher's task to adjust to the level of the student.

Question - Do I need the internet for class?

Absolutely not. But certainly it is beneficial to have internet access. Alternatively, you may consider printing out the relevant article for class if you prefer to work off-line.