About me


I am an Irish national living in Spain. My background and experience is in Electronics, Computers and IT having worked in this sector for many years.

Previously I was employed in a university in Ireland where I worked in the IT department. I was also employed as a GSM Engineer in telecommunications and was self-employed in computer related work and Photography among other things.

Since arriving in Spain I have been teaching English, mainly giving Telephone classes to students from every region of Spain.

I am now based in Madrid where I love to go cycling when the weather is good. I have many interests, mainly in Science, Technology and History. Some of these are detailed in the "Interest" section of the home page.

Over several years I have taught English to hundreds of students, mainly telephone chinas but also some face-to-face classes. With my background I have a good appreciation of the Business world which is beneficial to the student.



March, 2016