About the classes



During English Telephone class - speak as much as possible. This is the most effective way to improve regardless of your level.  I will continually interrupt you with corrections to pronunciation and grammar. Later in the feedback form you will get a souvenir of the class showing corrections and other comments. You can view a typical feedback form here.

The classes at times resemble a phone-in conversation on radio with the student talking for most of the time. I will prompt you with questions on the topic when needed. Classes may often have a central topic or the activity may be split with a reading check or other material. For a list of topics used in previous classes see the page on previous classes. This is useful to give structure to the classes but equally the student can change the given class topic or is welcome to suggest his own preferred material. Work presentations and preparations are welcome and in the past have been very successful.  

In addition many students ask for an emphasis on Business English. This is very common and there is a comprehensive set of topics with new vocabulary included for this.